EEGR 203: Introduction to Electrical Laboratory

Instructor: Dr. Gregory M. Wilkins
Office: Schaefer 220
Telephone: (443) 885-3915
Corequisite: EEGR 202
Class time (Spring 2015):Section 001 Tuesday 2:00-4:50 PM, Section 002 Thursday 2:00-4:50 PM
Office hours (Spring 2015):Monday/Wednesday 2:00-3:00, Friday 11:00-12:00, 2:00-3:00
Laboratory: MEB 242


This laboratory course is designed to allow students to verify the analytical techniques of circuits analysis learned in the Electric Circuits (EEGR 202) class. The experiments are designed to introduce the students to basic electronic instruments, test equipment, and measurement techniques. The mid-term and final "practical exams" are used to test the student's capability to design and build a circuit within a certain time limit (1.5 hrs). After completing this class, a student is expected to know how to design, build, and test basic electrical circuits.

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